Vegan CatchFree™ Full Spectrum Omegas — Possibly The Perfect Veganuary Romance?

Vegan CatchFree™ Full Spectrum Omegas — Possibly The Perfect Veganuary Romance?
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For many of us, January’s dark nights and frigid weather gives us time to reflect and realign. To reset personal goals and objectives, particularly for our own wellness.

“Veganuary” provides anyone seeking greater health and deeper sustainability in their diets with a fresh vantage.

What better place to start than with omegas? Every single cell in the ‘super-organism’ of our body needs a balance of essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to function properly. This is especially true today when we’re all living under higher immune challenges and stressors.

Why? Because every cell — whether in our brain, heart, eyes, skin, lungs, or ligaments — has a membrane that these omega lipids protect and support overall immune response.[i] Yet we can only get essential omega lipids from our diets — our bodies can’t make them. However, we can metabolise them into a large variety of lipids and related cell-signaling compounds that keep us looking, moving, and feeling well every day despite the onslaught of life’s challenges.

Numerous clinical studies have shown positive health correlations between raising one’s circulating omega-3 levels and improved cardiovascular wellness, brain and mood health, as well as digestive and immune functions including beauty-from-within. Cutting edge science is also showing that certain plant-based omega sources can have similar immune and inflammatory response effects as the well-studied marine-based omega sources EPA and DHA.

So, for vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians – how best to do it? We all have busy and complex lives, situated deep within an ongoing global pandemic,

Thankfully, there’s a new 100% vegan omega-3-6-9 ‘multi-omega’ oil that provides all the omega fatty acids our cells need in the proper balance, and from a truly great-tasting source. CatchFree™ Full Spectrum Omega was developed and launched in 2020 by family-owned, US-based Wiley’s Finest. Known for many years as a premium marine-based omega-3 nutrition company specialising in fully traceable, third party certified sustainable, US-produced fish oil with the highest purity standards, Wiley’s Finest challenged themselves to develop a non-marine based, alternative omega-rich oil that vegans could truly love for its taste and its superior offer of omegas. 

The CatchFree™ Full Spectrum Omega product line is the culmination of years of careful research, expanding on Wiley’s Finest’s absolute quality and sustainability commitments. The line brings together two non-GMO dietary oils, a plant-based oil grown exclusively by British farmers called Ahiflower® and an algae-based DHA oil from Algarithm® that is also produced in the UK.

By combining Ahiflower and Algarithm’s DHA oils together, all the essential and even more advanced omega-3, -6, and -9 fatty acids backed by extensive clinical science are there in an ideal pairing.

With over 2.3 grams of omega-3 including ALA, SDA, and DHA per daily serving, there is not a more balanced, potent, or pure omega nutrition source available to vegans anywhere in the world. Plus, it has Ahiflower oil’s excellent anti-inflammatory omega-6 GLA with recognised skin, hormonal, and reproductive health benefits, not available in marine or algal omega sources by themselves.

To complement this amazing daily omega platform, Wiley’s Finest went a step further by adding in lichen-based vitamin D3 and a plant-based vitamin E oil into this blend. It is available in a fantastic-tasting Tropical Mango flavored liquid oil — easy to take by spoon or drizzle over porridge, yogurt, or fruit salad at just 1 tsp per day. Or, in vegan softgel capsules if you prefer.

So, this Veganuary, as you go perhaps a bit more inward and consider how best to support yourself and your family’s true vitality through a vegan diet, know that everything your cell membranes need is there in the Wiley’s Finest CatchFree™ line – a great way to make new tracks on the trail to better wellness.

Written by Greg Cumberford, VP of Science and Regulatory at Natures Crops, producers of the British-grown Ahiflower oil in Wiley’s Finest CatchFree Full Spectrum Omega-3

[i] Hathaway D et al., Infect Chemother. Dec 2020;52(4):478-495.


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