Tips to Slow Down in a Fast Paced World

by Christina Tracey

It is easy to get caught up with work, chores and everyday obstacles and forget to take time to slow down and ease the mind. Here are some tips on how to take time away from this fast paced world and enjoy life.


Call A Friend


1. Call or visit a friend or family member you haven’t spoken to in a while. It’s better to speak in person or on the phone rather than texting, emailing or messaging on Facebook or Twitter. Take the extra time to enjoy a person’s company and conversation.




2. Read a book. Even if you don’t have time to read more than a chapter a day, reading can help relax you and clear your mind for a while.




3. Go for a walk or run. Exercise is great for mood, energy levels and for overall health. Enjoy the outdoors or listen to your favorite tunes at the gym. Either way you are taking more time for yourself and for your health!




4. Stress less. It might be difficult to ease stress by yourself. Dietary supplements, such as EPA+DHA Omega-3 fish oil, can ease the response to stress. If times are really difficult, try slowing it down with yoga or meditation to ease or clear the mind. Less stress means more time for you and your family.




5. Stop watching so much TV. Limiting your time in front of the TV will make it seem like you have extra hours to a day. Do something fun with the family or friends or for yourself instead of planning to spend several hours watching primetime television. You may not be able to join into conversations about shows with others later, but you will have stories to tell about what you did while others were watching those shows!


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