Our Story

My brother Daniel and I worked for years to sell AlaskOmega®, our family’s brand of Fish Oil bulk ingredient, to leading natural health food brands. We were stumped; although some companies recognized our quality and would approve us as a second supplier of generic ‘Fish Oil’ in their formulas, nobody would commit to our unique, Alaskan-caught, American-made, and MSC certified sustainable seafood message. We were told it wasn’t unique enough and customers wouldn’t value the product.

One year at Natural Products Expo West, I exclaimed, ‘We oughta just launch our own brand! How hard could it be?’ Boy, if I had known the answer to that question, we might not even have started! But we charged ahead anyway and Wiley’s Finest™ Wild Alaskan Fish Oil was born in 2012 with a mission to bring Personal. Sustainable. Potent.™ Omega-3 Fish Oil supplements to customers who value a made-in-the-USA, certified sustainably caught source.

Although the Wiley’s Finest™ brand is relatively new, our family’s roots go deep in manufacturing and distillation of high purity ingredients. My brothers and I are third generation in our business; we work with our father David and uncle Paul every day. We’re proud that our family has been manufacturing since 1981 — over 35 years of Excellence in Fine Distillation.

“What’s different about your Fish Oil?”  “I don’t need another Fish Oil.”

For years we have heard this from customers and retailers. Most people initially brushed us off, reaching past our products for tried and true, venerable Omega-3 brands. For those who stop and look at our products, the difference we bring is clear.

A new generation of Fish Oil users has emerged; one that sees Fish Oil not just as a generic ‘Omega-3’ supplement, but as seafood. These are people who demand a product to not only feature a high concentration of EPA & DHA or science driven formulas, but be traceable, sustainable, and American-made.

We’ve taken off like a rocket, becoming the natural health food channel’s Fastest Growing Fish Oil brand and a preferred choice by many of the nation’s leading independent health food stores.

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