DōMatcha® Summer Harvest Tea Organic 30g


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  • 30g per Container
  • 100% Authentic Japanese Green Tea
  • Pure, Clean and Additive-Free
  • Cultivated, Harvested and Processed to be Rich in Flavor and Nutrients
  • Lab Tested: No Detectable Residual Chemicals From Pesticides, Herbicides or Fungicides
Japan Organic and Natural Foods Association Wiley's Finest


DōMatcha® is 100% authentic Japanese green tea, directly from Uji and Kyoto where Matcha originated and where the most premium quality Matcha green tea is being produced to this date.

Our supplier Shohokuen is based in Kyoto and has been in the tea business for 350 years. Shohokuen has won several awards for the quality of their Matcha, dating back as far as 1886.

Our brand is also supported by the famous Japanese tea master Mr. Kazu Handa, whose family has been in the tea business for 200 years.


DōMatcha® is cultivated, harvested and processed very carefully every step of the way to keep it fresh and rich in flavor and nutrients. The Japanese way!

Very little machinery is used in the process to assure top quality and to stay true to the ancient roots of DōMatcha®. DōMatcha® green tea is shade-grown and only the unopened bud and the accompanying finest and youngest top 2 leaves are chosen to be hand-picked.

Right after the harvest, DōMatcha® is carefully steamed to prevent the enzymes from oxidizing, then frozen in specially designed facilities to keep it fresh all year round. Before grinding the leaves into Matcha, all the rough fibers, such as stems and veins, are removed which allows for a smooth and sweet flavor.

Some other Matcha producers use not only lower grade leaves but also include stems and other rough fiber to get more volume and reduce the costs. Needless to say that these practices result in a much lower quality product that is less green, sometimes almost yellow-brown, much lower in nutrients and much more bitter in flavor.

The slow grinding in the traditional granite Matcha grinding stones guarantees the maximum protection of nutrients because it is mechanical and breaks the fiber naturally without overheating and burning the powder. Powdered green tea that is produced outside of Japan, for example in China, is often broken down by using hot air pressure which destroys the natural structure and overheats the green tea leaves resulting in a less fine, inconsistent powder with very little nutritional value.

Since Matcha loses color, flavor, and nutrients easily by being exposed to light and air (oxidation), proper packaging is key. DōMatcha® is extremely well protected in a sealed foil bag and a sealed tin. Shohokuen also includes anti-oxidation pads in their packaging that protect DōMatcha® from oxidizing even longer and keep it fresh and green!


DōMatcha® is pure, clean and additive-free – and we can prove it!

All our non-organic Matchas were tested by an independent lab, and there were absolutely no detectable residual chemicals from pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. Our organic Matcha green tea is certified by JONA (Japan Organic and Natural Foods Association), which follows stricter regulations and higher standards than the North American certification associations. Those include the use of only natural fertilizers and the chemical-free cultivation of the tea plants for at least 3 years prior to certification.

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