All of our Wiley’s Finest fish oils are sourced from sustainable, USA wild caught fish, caught by US registered vessels in American waters. Typically, about 95% or more of our fish oil is from Alaska Pollock, and about 5% or less of our fish oil is from Pacific Whiting.

Alaska Pollock (Theragra chalcogramma) is a short-lived species of wild, coldwater fish. Pollock is a member of the cod family Gadidae. Our Alaska Pollock oil is sourced entirely from the Eastern Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska populations solely found within U.S. waters. Alaska Pollock is considered to be the most well-managed, large-scale fishery in the world.

Pacific Whiting is a member of the Merluccidae fish family and is MSC-certified as a sustainable source of seafood. Our Pacific Whiting comes from a U.S. wild capture fishery along the Oregon and Washington coast and is a minor component in some of our products.