Alaska Pollock and Pacific Whiting come from well-managed fisheries with a high level of scrutiny and good management by the National Marine Fisheries Service, a division of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Both are certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), the gold standard for independent third-party verification of good fisheries management. Our MSC certification number is #MSC-C-52698; all of our products that are certified bear that number, and can be traced at the MSC product finder.

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Wild Alaskan Fish Oil for the Future

Our fisheries management system is regulated to protect the environment so that future generations can enjoy the benefits of Alaska fish. Quotas are set for total allowable catches of a fish species to protect the fishery eco-system. These catch results are indexed and compared to previous years to monitor the health of the fish population.

We not only care for the fish species that we catch for processing, but for other fish species (called bycatch) that are pulled aboard during fishing. Government-approved officials onboard our fishing boats record the catches and the bycatch to ensure we are within regulations. If not, the complete closure of a fishing target area or a target fishery can occur. That’s why our goal at Wiley’s Finest is to guarantee everlasting sustainability of our primary fish populations.