Wiley's Finest Biofuel Contributions

Wiley’s Finest LLC (Coshocton,Oh), a U.S. manufacturer and marketer of Wild Alaskan Fish Oil dietary supplements, announces exclusive partnership with SoyMet 101 LLC (Rome, GA), a leading marketer and distributor of biofuels, to distribute renewable biofuels produced from fatty acids separated during the manufacturing of Wild Alaskan Fish Oil products.

Renewable Biofuels

Wiley’s Finest has a commitment to supporting green, renewable energy initiatives. Fatty acids removed during the process of concentrating Omega-3 supplements made from Wild Alaskan Fish Oil are supplied to SoyMet. SoyMet manufactures and distributes biodiesel made from these leftover fatty acids. Biodiesel reduces particulate emissions that cause smog, it provides necessary lubrication to diesel engines, and is a sustainable, cost-effective alternative energy source for transportation. These fuels are stable, viable alternatives to using petroleum-based diesel for trucking and transportation.

Committed to Sustainability

Fish oils are purified and concentrated at the Wiley’s Finest dietary supplement production facility in Ohio.  These oils are concentrated from a starting Omega-3 content of 25% to as high as 85% Omega-3s. During the concentration process, the saturated fats and other non-Omega-3 fats are removed and shipped to SoyMet to be processed into biodiesel. Our stewardship of this valuable fish-based resource represents Wiley’s Finest’s continued commitment to ‘use the whole fish’ for the greenest possible solutions for the planet.

Wild Alaskan Fish Biofuel

Technology and Distribution

For more than 9 years, SoyMet has supplied quality biofuels in the South East. SoyMet’s sophisticated Precision blending technology assures that biofuel blends are accurate and trouble-free. This gives their fleet customers peace of mind for low-cost options for quality fuel, and assures them of a green, sustainable approach to transportation.

Every Wiley’s Finest Wild Alaskan Fish Oil is made possible by SoyMet’s commitment to sustainable, renewable biofuels.