Healthy Pregnancy: Second Trimester

Time really flies by with the second pregnancy. I remember counting the weeks when I was pregnant with my daughter, but this time around I couldn’t believe it when I reached the halfway point already! You know you are in the second trimester when you stop feeling so queasy and your energy returns to a […]

Retailer Highlight – New Leaf Community Market (Capitola)

Sunny days don’t come often here in the Monterey Bay Area of California. Recently, however, the sun appeared for a brief glorious day, and my family and I took the opportunity to take a little scenic drive up the coast to New Leaf Community Market in Capitola. This little trip ended up being a mini-adventure […]

DHA Omega-3 and Pregnancy

DHA omega-3 and pregnancy Before, during, and after pregnancy, DHA is an essential nutrient for mom and baby. Moms have better moods and better health when they consume DHA during and after pregnancy. Purified and certified fish oil supplements are a reliable and worry-free way for moms to get the DHA they need. Most experts […]

Significant Effect Of EPA & DHA For Lowering Blood Pressure

A review of over 70 clinical trials that were conducted to specifically look at the impact of EPA and DHA on blood pressure, demonstrated that these commonly found Omega-3’s in whole fish and fish oil supplements have as much impact on lowering blood pressure as other, more commonly recommended lifestyle interventions (Figure 1).1 This recent […]

Healthy Pregnancy: First Trimester

Sam and I are expecting the newest member of the Wiley family this summer. We are expecting to welcome our second child and our daughter is expecting to be a big sister. I can thank my daughter for pushing me to a healthier lifestyle over the last three years. We’ve made many small changes to […]

Apple Mango Citrus Omega-3 Smoothie Recipe

Smoothies are a great way to get several healthy ingredients in one delicious serving. I’ve been experimenting with different combinations of fruits, vegetables, seeds and sweeteners for a while now and this Apple Mango Citrus Omega-3 Smoothie is definitely one of my favorites. It combines antioxidant rich fruits, fiber rich chia seeds and the secret […]

The Omega-3 Effect

  Helpful, Engaging, Relevant Last Christmas, my brother-in-law gave me William and James Sears’ book The Omega-3 Effect: Everything You Need to Know about the Supernutrient for Living Longer, Happier, and Healthier as a present. I am a “reader,” but I have to admit that the boring, orange cover and the topic of the book […]

What’s unique about our Orange Burst product?

What makes Orange Burst a unique product? Orange Burst is made from Wild Red Pollock oil. Why do we call it Wild Red Pollock oil? Isn’t Pollock a whitefish? Alaska Pollock has a diet that consists of young crab, krill, scallops, and other Pollock. They actually eat a relatively similar diet to salmon. However, Pollock’s unique […]